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ASJ Lecture Meeting - Tenth Young Scholars’ Programme

Date: Monday, 16 November 2015
Time: Those attending the meeting are asked to be seated by 6:00 p.m., if possible.
Venue: Komazawa University. Academy Hall, Fukasawa campus of Komazawa University.
Address: 6-8-18 Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku.

Access: 15-minute walk from “Komazawa-daigaku” station (Tokyu Denentoshi-sen)
BUS: No. 82 Tokyu bus from Shibuya station to Todoroki. Walk 1-minute from “Komadai Fukasawa Campus mae” bus stop.


    1. Mr. Fernando Ortiz-Moya (Spain)
    “Green Growth Strategies in a Post-Industrial Shrinking City: A Case Study of Kitakyushu.”
    Mr. Ortiz-Moya is a Ph.D. candidate of the Graduate School of Architecture, Tokyo University. He received his B.A. and M.A. in Architecture from the Higher School of Architecture, at the Technical University of Madrid. He also holds an M.Sc in Urban Studies from the University of Edinburgh, awarded with distinction.

    2. Mr. Shunichi Adachi
    “The Vicissitudes of Medieval English Studies in Japan.”
    Mr. Adachi is a Ph.D. candidate of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Komazawa University. He has an M.A. in English Literature (specialising in language studies), and is a member of the Japanese Association for Studies in the History of the English Language.

    3. Miss Haruka Watanabe
    “A Study of Japanese Performing Arts Policy From the Viewpoint of Citizen Autonomy.”
    Ms. Watanabe is a Ph.D. candidate of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Tokyo University. She has a M.A. in socio-informatics and is a member of the Society of Socio-Informatics, the Japan Association for Social and Economic Systems Studies and the Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research. She has also served as a Research Assistant of the GCL program at the University of Tokyo since April 2013 to date.

    4. Mr. Yuichi Sasaki
    “The Dynamics of Expansion: Japan's Foreign Policy, 1894-1922.”
    Mr. Sasaki is a Ph.D. candidate of the Graduate Schools of Law and Politics, Tokyo University and is a Research Fellow, DC (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).

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Forthcoming ASJ Meeting

Speaker: Mr Toshio Egawa
Date: Monday, 14 December 2015
Title: “The Egawa Collections at the Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts”
Venue: The Irish Ambassador’s Residence (Note: this is not at The Irish Embassy)

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Renewed Appeal for Help from the ASJ Membership 06 November 2015

If any ASJ member could provide an e-mail or mail address for a listed author, knows where the author is, or if the author is deceased, please e-mail that information to Ms. Yarrow at:

with “LIST” as the subject header.
日本アジア協会は、紀要The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japanを電子化しデジタルアーカイブをインターネットで公開するにあたり、連絡先が判明しない著作権者についての情報提供を求めています。 別紙に掲載いたしました著作者について、著作権者、もしくは著作権継承者、またはこれらの方々の連絡先に関する情報をお持ちの方は、上記連絡先までご連絡ください。

In preparation for the launch of the digitized archives online of the journal “The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan”, the Asiatic Society of Japan is seeking information regarding copyright holders whose contact details are unknown.

In connection with the authors listed in the attached sheet, if anyone has information regarding copyright holders, their heirs or their contact details, please inform the contact person detailed above. —> Ms. Patricia Yarrow

If you have any information, please do not hesitate to send it

    Family Name, Given Name
    01. Ackroyd Joyce
    02. Akita Prof. George (Consent form received. Nov. 10)
    03. Anderson Prof. Stephen John
    04. Auslin Michael R. (Possible contact. In process.)
    05. Ayrton W.E.
    06. Barrett M. T.
    07. Beasley William G.
    08. Beauchamp E. (Possible contact. In process.)
    09. Bennett Neville (Contact achieved. Consent form received.)
    10. Beretta L.
    11. Biggart Ms. Claire
    12. Blacker Dr. Carmen (Contact achieved. Consent form received.)
    13. Blum Paul C.
    14. Borton Hugh
    15. Boxer C.R.
    16. Buchanan D. C.
    17. Burdick Charles Burton
    18. Castañeda Manuel Uribe
    19. Chijiwa Dr. Yasuaki (Contact achieved. Consent form received.)
    20. Clement Erneset Wilson
    21. Cohen A. M.
    22. Coulmas Florian J.
    23. Coville Cabot R.
    24. Cullen Prof. Louis
    25. Daniels F.J.
    26. de Becker E. V. A.
    27. Dolce Dr. Lucia
    28. Dooman Eugene H.
    29. Elisonas J. S. A.
    30. Emerson John K.
    31. Farrington Anthony
    32. Figgess Sir John
    33. Finch Roger
    34. Foucher A.
    35. Furness George A.
    36. Greene Robert
    37. Gundert Wilhelm
    38. Hackin J.
    39. Horiguchi Mihoko
    40. Huffman James
    41. Ike Nobutaka
    42. Ikuma Dan Nobutaka
    43. Imazeki Dr. Rokuya
    44. Ishii Yoneo
    45. Itani Zenichi
    46. James Jason (Contact achieved. Consent form received.)
    47. Johnson Linda
    48. Joly Jacques
    49. Kades C. L.
    50. Katō Genchi (Out of copyright as of 2016)
    51. Katō Eileen
    52. Kishi Yasuyuki
    53. Kishibe Shigeo
    54. Kuiper J. Feenstra
    55. Labberton, van Hinloopen D.
    56. Levy Jr. Marion J.
    57. Liscutin Nicola
    58. Malm William P.
    59. Mayer Fanny Hagin
    60. McKeen Di Crocco V.
    61. McNelly Prof. Theodore
    62. Monnet Livia
    63. Morris Ivan Ira Esme
    64. Nakamura Naokatsu
    65. Nish Ian H. (Possible contact. In process.)
    66. Ōhe Shūzō
    67. Parish H. Carroll
    68. Pierson J.L.
    69. Plutschow Herbert (Possible contact. In process.)
    70. Posdneeff Miss V.
    71. Querido A.
    72. Redman Sir Vere
    73. Ritchie Donald
    74. Robert Marcel
    75. Romieux J.
    76. Roussos Jason E. S.
    77. Sadler Arthur Lindsay
    78. Sakamaki S.
    79. Sansom Sir George Bailey (Out of copyright as of 2016)
    80. Sawada Sukataro (Contact achieved. Consent form received.)
    81. Shimatsu Yoichi C.
    82. Shimizu Isamu
    83. Singer Dr. Kurt
    84. Sissons D.C.S. 85. Smith R. J.
    86. Smith Neil Skene
    87. Spencer R. S.
    88. Spinks Charles Nelson
    89. Statler Oliver
    90. Stramigioli Giuliana
    91. Tao Zhikun
    92. Teow Dr. See Heng
    93. Tokugawa Y.
    94. Totman Conrad
    95. Trotter Ms. Ann
    96. Tsuchiya T.
    97. Uyehara E.
    98. van Briessen Fritz
    99. van Gulik R. H.
    100. Wainright S. H.
    101. Wasson R. G.
    102. Waugh D. H.
    103. Wenck Gunther
    104. Wetherall William (Possible contact. In process.)
    105. Whymant A. Neville J.
    106. Wildes H. E.
    107. Williams Harold Stannett
    108. Wilson & Colby R. & J.
    109. Wright David
    110. Yanai Hiroshi
    111. Zachert Herbert
    112. Zahl Karl F.
    113. Zolbrod Leon