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May Meeting

Date: Monday, May 16, 2016
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Youth Buddhist Association of Tokyo University
Address: 113-0033 Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Hongo 3-33-5
Access: Near the Hongo-sanchome station on the Marunouchi line or the other Hongo-sanchome station on the Toei Oedo line. Map.
Title: “Reflections of heavenly bliss – Appreciating extraordinary murals at the 15th c. Buddhist Monastery Fahai Si 法海寺, west of Beijing.”
Speaker: Dr. Ursula Toyka, Resident Director DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Dr. Ursula Toyka is the Resident Director of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Japan Office, based in Tokyo. She has taught the History of Far Eastern Art at the University of Bonn, Germany, since 1991, after habilitation in 2004 as a member of the Faculty of Philosophy. She received her PhD in Oriental Art History in 1979 from the University of Bonn, studying there and at the Université d’Aix-Marseille, the University of Cologne, Sophia University in Tokyo and the National Taiwan University between 1970-8. Dr. Toyka was also a curator of exhibitions of antique and contemporary European and Asian art at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Republic of Germany, for example the Chinese Imperial collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei, in Berlin (2003) and in Bonn (2004). She is the author of numerous monographs, editions and articles on Asian Art, in German, English and Chinese.

Her most recent publications include ‘横跨东西世界的艺术与鉴赏: 在欧洲的教学, 研究和展览中有关中国艺术的接纳及传递 (Art and Connoisseurship Bridging East and West: Teaching, Studying and Exhibiting Chinese Art in Europe), in Cognizance and Management of Painting and Calligraphy, Research Institute for Science and Technology of Chinese Art (ed.), Beijing 2012 and The Splendors of Paradise: Murals and Epigraphic Documents at the Early Ming Buddhist Monastery Fahai Si, Monumenta Serica Monograph Series, 900 p., 2 vols., St. Augustin 2014.


Buddhist art was introduced into China in the early common era, reaching its peak in the second half of the first millennium and spreading more widely during medieval times. The scholarly world had long presumed that it had gradually declined since then without leaving any works of artistically outstanding character. However, a monumental ensemble of Buddhist wall paintings survived in a temple constructed between 1439 and 1444 in the Western Hills outside Beijing.

The “Monastery of the Sea of The Law”, Fahai Si, was founded by a high-ranking imperial eunuch, Li Tong, who in 1459 was buried in the temple grounds. Numerous inscriptions preserved there reveal his unique establishment of a Chinese-Tibetan monastery that followed the teachings of Tiantai (Tendai) Buddhism. The project was supported by the Emperor and more than two thousand lay sponsors: members of the government and other prominent Chinese personalities, as well as leading representatives of the Tibetan Clergy. Recorded in stone and bronze among a wealth of information are the names of Wang Shu, Wan Fuqing and thirteen other painters of the imperial workshops who adorned the sanctuary with visions of the Buddhist pantheon in paradise gardens, the donor’s portrait and other unusual topics.

The murals’ beauty is as stunning as their iconography. Their main section shows the only extant procession of a group of “Twenty Deities” (Chin. ershi tian, Jap. niju ten), consisting of guardian deities originating in pre-Buddhist beliefs in India, led by Brâhma (Chin. Fan Tian, Jap. Bonten) and Indra (Chin. Dishi Tian, Jap. Shakuten). Nearly forgotten during recent centuries as a specific group, they once must have been of considerable significance for Buddhist believers in East Asia. In China, they were obviously revered since the first millennium in the context of a ritual for the deceased, having been introduced to Japan by Tendai monks. Through their magnificent murals, the “Masters of the Fahai Si” express religious meaning with outstanding empathy, transferring onto walls the superb skills of scroll paintings. Their legacy in the Fahai Si murals sets a hitherto unknown standard of religious and secular figure painting and leaves us with the names of undoubtedly eminent protagonists in a largely anonymous chapter of Chinese painting history.

Forthcoming ASJ June Meeting

Date: Monday, June 6th, 2016
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: The Embassy of Mexico
Address: (tbc)
Title: “The Japanese Diplomat Kumaichi Horiguchi and his Role in the Protection of President Madero’s Family During the Mexican Revolution in February 1913”
Speaker: The Ambassador of Mexico to Japan, His Excellency Dr. Carlos Fernando Almada López,

* Please note that photographic and/or video recording is not permitted by the Embassy at this event, except by the official photographers.

Ambassador Almada was born in Mexico City on August 26, 1951. He studied Administration at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and graduated in Territorial Administration at the International Institute of Public Administration of Paris (1975-1976). He obtained his PhD at the University of Law, Economy and Social Sciences of Paris (1979). He has been appointed to several positions in both local and federal government, including Vice Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure at the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (2012-2015); Chief of the Executive Office of the Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon (2009-2012); Director General of Social Communication and Spokesman of the Office of the President of Mexico (1996-1997); Administrative Vice Minister of Homeland Security (1995-1996); Executive Director of the Federal Registry of Voters (1991-1994); Administrative Vice Minister of Energy and Mines (1986-1988), and Secretary of Administration in the Government of the State of Mexico (1981-1986). At the international level he has served as Ambassador to Portugal 1997-1999) and Director General of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences in Brussels, Belgium (1988-1991).


The Japanese diplomat Kumaichi Horiguchi served as Chargé d ́Affaires in Mexico from 1911 to 1913. During the so-called Decena Trágica incident, which led to the assassination of the democratically elected President Francisco I. Madero and Vice President José María Pino Suárez, Kumaichi Horiguchi protected the family of President Madero by receiving them in the Japanese Legation, in the midst of those turbulent days. This act implied serious risks for the diplomat himself, his family and the Japanese community. The cables exchanged between the Japanese Legation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo prove that the Japanese diplomat not only acted in compliance with the instructions he received, but also showed heroic behavior that preserved President Madero ́s family’s lives. He received an unprecedented homage from the Mexican Senate in February 2015.

Registration for the June Meeting

The seating capacity at the Mexican Embassy will unfortunately be limited to 120 persons, so it may be necessary to turn down some applications; in that case those turned down this time will be given priority at a future meeting for which application is required. Only ASJ members in good standing need apply; please note also that only the official photographer will be permitted to take photographs.

The period for application will be from 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 4th (and not before) to Sunday, May 15th, by e-mail ( or by fax (03-3795-2371) to the ASJ office; please send 1.) your full name, 2.) professional title and 3.) e-mail or fax number.

Applications will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. The ASJ office will send you confirmation of your application in due course.

September meeting

Monday, September 26th at 6:30 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Frank Feltens, Lecturer, Gakushuin University.
Subject: “The Human Behind the Genius: Person and Persona of Ogata Kōrin (1658-1716):
Venue: Shibuya Kyōiku Gakuen
(Further details will follow in the next Bulletin)


Do You Know How to Contact Any of the Transactions Authors Below?

Please e-mail any clues, ideas, hints, e-mail, etc. to Ms. Yarrow at:

163 Consent forms have been confirmed as of May 01, 2016.

136 authors remain to be contacted. We are working on it!

- I am searching these days for a mailing address in Tokyo for Yoshiko Plutschow, who can sign for her dearly departed husband, Prof. Herbert Plutschow.
-Young Scholars from 2007 Miss Ayako Kusonoki and Mr. Yasuyuki Kishi from 2009 have vanished.

Several authors are members of the professional network LinkedIn. If someone has a Premium account, we can contact them.
日本アジア協会は、紀要The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japanを電子化しデジタルアーカイブをインターネットで公開するにあたり、連絡先が判明しない著作権者についての情報提供を求めています。 別紙に掲載いたしました著作者について、著作権者、もしくは著作権継承者、またはこれらの方々の連絡先に関する情報をお持ちの方は、上記連絡先までご連絡ください。

In preparation for the launch of the digitized archives online of the journal “The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan”, the Asiatic Society of Japan is seeking information regarding copyright holders.
They fall into three catagories.

— NO DATA means, aside perhaps from the date of death, we have no contact data and this is very serious as it means we cannot contact anyone to sign the Consent form and get their article up legally on our future Internet ASJ Forum, which is very sad.

— NO REPLY means the author, heirs, publishers, or university departments were contacted but did not reply. Often, we must retry two or three times to get someone’s attention.

— IN PROGRESS means a volunteer is currently in pursuit. Success is an option at this point.

Contact Information Needed. Update in progress may 01 2016

    Family Name, Given Name -status
    Ackroyd, Joyce
    Anderson, Prof. Stephen John
    Auslin, Michael R. -no data (possible contact; in progress -Carey)
    Ayrton, W. E.

    Barrett, M. T. (possible contact; in progress -Nagy)
    Beasley, William G. -2 articles
    Beauchamp, E. (possible contact; in progress -El Borai)
    Beretta, Lia (possible contact; in progress -Simmons)
    Berton, Peter (d. 2014. -no reply)
    Bickerton, William Maxwell -no data
    Borton, Hugh (d. 1995. -no data)
    Boxer, C. R. (d. 1995 -possible contact; in progress -Robinson & Yarrow) 3 articles
    Buchanan, Rev. Daniel Crump (d. 1982. -no data -Yarrow)
    Burdick, Charles Burton (d. 1998 -no data)

    Clement, Ernest Wilson -2 articles
    Cohen, A. M. -no data ; -Kobayashi
    Coville, Cabot R. (d. 1987 -no data)
    Crawcour, Edwin Sydney -no reply -2 articles
    Cullen, Prof. Louis -no data

    Daniels, F. J. -no reply
    de Becker, E. V. A. -no data
    Dolce, Dr. Lucia -no data
    Dooman, Eugene H. (d. 1969 -possible contact; in progress -Koyabashi)

    Elisonas, J. S. A. -no data

    Farrington, Anthony -no data
    Figgess, Sir John (possible contact; in progress -S. Tanaka)
    Finch, Roger -no data
    Foucher, A. -no data
    Furness, George A. -no data

    Groot, Father Gerard (d. 1970 -no reply)
    Gundert, Wilhelm (d. 1971) (possible contact; in progress -Ando)

    Hackin, J.
    Hammond, Jeff M. -no reply (in progress -Schumacher)
    Harich-Schneider, Eta (d. 1986 -no reply)
    Harris, Mr. Tim -no reply (in progress -Schumacher)
    Horiguchi, Mihoko -no data-past ASJ Librarian
    Horton, H.M. (in progress; -Yarrow)
    Howes, John F. -no reply
    Hrdlickova, Ms. Vena -no reply (in progress -Yarrow)
    Huffman, James (in progress -Ando)
    Huq, Mr. Mir Monzurul (in progress -Yarrow)

    Ike, Nobutaka (d. 2005 -no data)
    Ikuma, Dan Nobutaka -no data
    Imazeki, Dr. Rokuya (d. 1991 -no data (in progress -Yarrow)
    Immoos, Thomas -no reply (in progress -Carey)
    Iosifidou, Maria -no rely (in progress -Carey)
    Ishii, Yoneo (d. 2010; in progress -Yarrow)
    Itani, Zenichi -no data
    Iwao, Prof. Seiichi (d. 1988 -no reply)
    Izuerdo, H.E. Miguel Ruiz-Cabanas, -no reply (in progress -Ramos)

    Johnson, Linda -no data
    Joly, Jacques -no data

    Kades, C. L. -no data
    Kishibe, Shigeo (d. 2005) (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)
    Kersten, Mr. Carool -no reply (in progress -Yarrow)
    Kishi, Yasuyuki (YSP) -no reply (in progress-Akizuki)
    Kishibe, Shigeo (d. 2005) (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)
    Kroker, Edward -no data
    Kuiper, J. Feenstra (d. 1970 -no data)
    Kuno, Keitaro -no reply
    Kusonoki, Dr. Ayako (YSP) -no reply

    Lerski, Jerzy Jan (d. 1992 -no data, however, voted most favorite name on this list)
    Levy Jr., Marion J. (d. 2002 -no data)

    Malm, William P. -no data
    Mayer, Fanny Hagin (d. 1990 -no data)
    McDowell, Kevin no reply (in progress -Yarrow)
    McKeen Di Crocco, V. -no data
    McNelly, Prof. Theodore -no data
    Monnet, Livia -no reply

    Nakamura, Naokatsu -no data -Makino
    Nish, Ian H. (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)

    Ōhe, Shūzō -no data

    Parish, H. Carroll -no data
    Pierson, Jr. Dr. Jan Lodewijk (d. 1979-no data -Mochidome) 3 articles
    Plummer, Katherine (d. 2013 -in progress -Yarrow)
    Plutschow, Herbert (d. 2010) (in progress. -Yarrow)
    Posdneeff, Miss V. -no data

    Querido, A. -no reply

    Rabbit, James A. (d. 1969 -no reply)
    Reischauer, A. (d. 1971-in progress -Yarrow)
    Redman, Sir Vere (d. 1995 -no data)
    Robert, Marcel -no data
    Romieux, J. -no data
    Roussos, Jason E. S. -no data

    Sadler, Arthur Lindsay (d. 1970 -no data, which seems impossible)
    Sakamaki, Shunzo (d. 1973 in progress -Robinson)
    Shimatsu, Yoichi C. -no data
    Shimizu, Isamu -no data
    Singer, Dr. Kurt -no data
    Sissons, D.C.S. (d. 2006 -no data)
    Smith, Neil Skene (d. 1972 -no data -Yarrow)
    Smith, R. J. -no data
    Snellen Jan Bartholomeus -no data. 3 articles
    Spencer, R. S. -no data
    Spinks, Charles Nelson -no reply
    Statler, Oliver (d. 2002; in never-ending progress -Yarrow)
    Stramigioli, Giuliana -no data

    Tao, Zhikun -no data
    Teow, Dr. See Heng -no reply
    Tominaga, Prof. Michio (d. 2004 in progress -Akizuki)
    Totman, Conrad -no reply
    Trotter, Ms. Ann -no data
    Tsuchiya, T. -no data

    Uyehara, E. -no data

    van Briessen, Fritz (d. 1987 -no data)
    van Gulik, Robert H. -no reply (in progress -Carey) 3 articles
    van Hinloopen Labberton, D. (-no data, alas, but voted most improbable name on this list)

    Wainright,S. H. -no data
    Wasson, R. G. -no data
    Waugh, D. H. -no data
    Whymant, A. Neville J. -no data
    Wildes, H. E. -no data
    Williams, Harold Stannett (d. 1987 -no data)
    Wilson & Colby, R. & J. -no data
    Wright, David -no reply; (in progress -Yarrow)

    Yanai, Hiroshi -no data
    Ye, Kyaw Thu (YSP) -no reply

    Zahl, Karl F. -no reply
    Zolbrod, Leon (d. 1991 -no reply, possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)