We have been exploring Japan for 150 years. 



There is no typical ASJ member.

Many of us are from Japan.
Others of us came to Japan a long time ago.
And yet others are just passing through.

We are a family of many members from different cultures and walks of life.

As with our founders 150 years ago, our spirit of exploration 
of Asia—most especially Japan—unites us. 

We are hooked on the excitment of discovery and of sharing discoveries. 

If you think ASJ might be for you, please contact us. We will be delighted
to listen to your interests and tell you more about ASJ.

info [at] asjapan [dot] org 

REGULAR MEMBER (¥12,000/year)

Purchase of a Regular Membership is the way for individuals to join ASJ.

Benefits include: voting rights, admission to all lectures and events (subject to seating availability), one copy of "The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan", ASJ Bulletin (newsletter), access to ASJ's digital archive of the Transactions, complimentary tickets to exhibitions at museums and galleries (subject to availability).


Sustaining Member. ASJ depends on the generosity of its members for much of its funding. ASJ recognizes members who contribute ¥5,000 or more above their annual Regular Member fee as Sustaining Members in The Transactions. 

Life Member. For a one-time fee of ¥150,000, you may purchase a Regular Membership for life.

Student RateApplicants who submit proof of registration at a university, college, or high school may purchase a Regular Membership at the student rate. Graduate: ¥3,000/year; Undergraduate, high school: ¥1,500/year.


ASJ strives to provide universal access regardless of personal economic circumstances. Under certain conditions, a one-time fee waiver is granted to individuals in hardship. Please contact the ASJ Office for information. 

CORPORATE MEMBER (¥50,000/year)

Purchase of a Corporate Membership is the way for companies, universities, colleges, research institutions, schools, not-for-profit organizations, and libraries to Join ASJ. In doing so, up to three representatives may be registered as Corporate Members; they will enjoy all the benefits of Regular Members. Membership in ASJ is an excellent way for your employees to develop a more nuanced understanding of Japan while enhancing relationships by means of a shared interest. 


Institutional Member. Universities, research institutions, libraries, and related organizations are eligible for an academic rate of ¥20,000 per year.


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